What is a Corporate Event? Know different types of corporate events depending upon nature.

In the era of globalization and growing businesses, it’s necessary that companies keep their bonds tied strong. Corporate events – meetups, conferences, event nights or gala dinners act as platforms for strengthening and building up personal bonds while discussing and presenting new ideas or future roadmaps.

Depending upon the motive of the event and the audience targeted, corporate events can be as large as including the Investors, stakeholders, potential partners and heads of other companies or be very limited to the company’s heads and it’s employees. Irrespective of the size of the attendees, it’s important that the event is organized in a way to create impact and is fruitful to the organizers. The best way to do so is to keep a checklist of whys, who and hows.

Types of event:

Depending upon the nature and motive of the gathering, the events are majorly classified into the following categories:

1. Conference: conferences are usually learning and information sessions organized by the company to motive a targeted group of audience and educate them on specific topics. A spokesperson, usually someone expert in the topic of discussion, or someone senior from the board members is chosen to address the crowd. Such conferences are usually huge and thus are mostly organized in large conference halls, generally outside the office space.

Depending upon the nature of the discussion, there are academic conferences, business conferences, trade conferences, and unconferences, etc.

2. Board Meet: The board meetings are a necessity to discuss and plan the company’s growth and strategies amongst the highly trusted group of people. The board of directors cyclically meets at a certain defined period of time to discuss the strategies, growth, and problems of the organization. It is a formal event presided by a chairperson. The event is constantly monitored and noted by a secretary under the quorum requirements.

3. Exhibition: Exhibitions are a potential platform for influencers, experts and business heads to interact at a more personal level through the means of various products. They are the best means of in-time product reviews, product research, and product development ideas.

The showcase of products and services build an unparallel marketing opportunity.

4. Award Nights: Being in a social circuit, it becomes very important to recognize the efforts of every individual to keep the morals up and boosted. Honoring the team with trophies and awards for the previous efforts made, add as catalysts to their performance in the upcoming journey. Award nights also bring the employers and employees on the same platform and gives every other department to know more of the other teams, building trust and relationship and hence creating a family-like atmosphere.

Inviting clients from outside the company to such events also builds a brand of your company to the people outside and eventually add up to its recognization and visibility.

5. Gala dinners: Gala dinners are grand dinner and drink parties hosted by businesses to cater but not limited to their Investors, clients, and stakeholders. Gala dinner is an effective way to appreciate, reward or celebrate your audience, usually investors and clients with specific brands or services. Such events rekindle the employees and investors, are a great means of heartfelt gatherings, building relationships and are held to value the presence of individuals in the company.

6. Launch events:  Launch events are an effective way to introduce and promote a new product in the market. The success of which stays directly proportional to the success of the product. The real motive of such an event is to create a buzz about the event in the market and activate sales.

8. AGM/ Company meeting: AGM stands for the annual general meeting. Such events or meetings take place annually between the stakeholders, shareholders, directors, and company heads in order to discuss previous years’ actions, activities, accounts, and results.

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